• Fishon Spooler Pro


    The Fishon Spooler Pro finally solves the problem of spooling and stripping reels. Our patented design makes the process of spooling and stripping faster and better than ever. For stripping, our internal motor (runs on DC or AC power) will strip most bait casting reels in less than a minute. While spooling, our revolutionary spinning reel spool mount eliminates line twist in spinning reels and allows you the most accurate re-spooling technique. The features of the Spooler Pro don't stop here, read on below for the full list.


    • A complete, compact, portable fishing line spooling station.
    • Holds refill spools from 150 yds. - 3000 yds.
    • Strips used fishing line on most bait casting reels in less than a minute.
    • Internal motor runs on either 110v AC or 12v DC and provides power to the line stripper.
    • Easy recycling of used fishing line.
    • No Tools Needed for Operating Designed so you do not need to keep up with any tools to operate or change between spooling or line stripping.
    • Line Guide
    • Line Cutter
    • Variable Speed Motor
    • Adjustable Tension Spring
    • Made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Delrin
    • Spinning Reel Spool Mount (Eliminates line twist during spooling)
    • Spinning Reel Line Guide
    • Spinning Reel Attachment runs off the same motor as the line stripper.
    • 1 year warranty on all electrical components and lifetime warranty on all non electrical components from date of purchase.
    • Proudly Made in USA