• Line Saver and Reversal Attachment Kit


    Our new Line Saver & Reversal Attachment allows you to strip line off a reel and save it for later use or reverse it back on to the reel in order to extend the life of your fishing line and save you money. Compatible with both braided and monofilament line. This product comes with one attachment piece, one line spool and is compatible with any of our Spoolers.

    Required for use: Fish On Spooler PRO or Fish On Spooler BWS

    Compatible with: Fish On Spooler PRO and Fish On Spooler BWS

    Spool Capacity: ~1000yds of 20lb test

    In the box
    • One Line Saver & Reversal Attachment Piece
    • Two Line Saver & Reversal Attachment Spools
    • Documentation

    (This product comes with 1 attachment piece and 1 spool. More spools can be purchased here.)